The Food Tag


Todays post is inspired by the awesome thelonelylion1603. I had no Idea what I should write about and asked him if he had an Idea. Well he came up with the food tag. It is basically all about the food. There is only one rule. You have to talk about food because everyone loves food. Lets begin:

  1. My favorite food: I can never decide which really is my favorite food. I think it might be Kartoffelgulasch. You probably don’t know what it is but let me tell you this. It looks nasty but tastes brilliant. I also love chocolate Oreos and Sourpatch Watermelon. I wish I could get them in Germany. Oh and I love to eat chocolate along with something salty.
  2. Food I hate: If there is one thing I hate it is coconut. I don’t know. It might be the only thing I don’t like.
  3. German Food: German Food ist the best. I missed it so much while being in the US. Spätzle, Maultaschen, Döner, Schnitzel…It is just the best thing on earth. Also Germany is the country with the most different types of bread. And let me tell you toast is not bread because real bread isn’t squishy.
  4. My favorite time to eat: Easy my favorite time to eat is all day long.
  5. My relationship with food: I LOVE food. I think one day we will get married and become a food baby

Now that’s all I can think of right now. I nominate everyone because everyone deserves to talk about food.

Lots of Love

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13 thoughts on “The Food Tag

  1. This post was great!! Also, I know you like design and everything cause of your drawings on your posts, so I thought you would like to try out Canva, it’s free and I think you’d like it!! I use it and it’s great!! But just if you want to, I mean it’s just a recommendation. XD

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