The Blogger Recognition Award

Hello friends.  Today I will do an award again. I am pretty sure you know what it is about.  I was nominated by the lonely lion  . You should go check his blog out as he is one of a really rare species called guys who blog. Seriously you should go check him out. Now lets begin.

The Rules:

1. Write a post to show your award

2. Tag the blogger who nominated you

3. Write a brief story on how you started blogging

4. List two pieces of advice

5. Nominate 5 bloggers


Story time:

I started blogging after I decided to leave for an exchange year. A lot of exchange students write blogs so I decided to do that too. I always loved writing. The purpose of this blog was to tell everyone at home what I was up to without having to tell it a thousand times. I had a lot of fun blogging but it really upset me that no one took it serious and a lot of people made fun of it. As closer I got to having to go back home I was thinking about what I could blog about next. I wanted to write about my life but I thought no one would be interested in that. I came home in June and it took me until February to finally start a blog. The week before I started I did an internship at a publisher and I had so much fun I decided to screw everyone else and to start blogging again. But this time no one knows where to find my blog.

My advice:

  • My first advice is to do what you want. Blogging is supposed to be something for you and not for others in my opinion. Followers are just a nice side effect.
  • Use twitter and other social media. Especially twitter is grate to connect with other bloggers. One thing I really love is the Teen Bloggers Chat . It takes place every Sunday evening. You should join this week.

Now that’s about all I nominate


A Wayward Southern Woman

Just A Bit Of Glitter

Little Purple Mage

Azura Skye

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space


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