13 Objects That Mean A Lot To Me

13 Objects that mean a lot to meWe all have different things that might seem useless and senseless but for us they are something really special. They are important to us. They might remember us of the best summer of our life’s or a certain person we miss. Today I want to share some of mine with you.

20160514_120056994_iOSThe first four objects have something to do with my exchange year in the US.

On the top left you can see a book I made before I left. My family and some of my friends wrote in it and I read it when I was on the plain to New York. I did the same when I went back home with my host family and my new friends. I still cry when I read through it again.

On the top right you can see my binder. Throughout the year I collected tickets, candy wraps, letters I got from my family and friends… I even kept some colors from the color festival I went to.

On the bottom left you can see a notebook. In there I glued a lot of pictures I took on my journey  and I love the quote that is on the cover.

The last one is my yearbook. I was in the yearbook staff and I am really proud of the pages I created.

20160514_120400096_iOSThose two both remind me of my grandma.

My grandma was really important to me when I was little. Sadly she had to die way to soon. When we went through her stuff after her death I found the neckless you can see in the picture. It has a picture of me as a baby inside. I took it and added a picture of my grandma in it. Whenever I feel down or something really important is about to happen I wear it so she can come along.

I always loved the cupboard and when she died I took it. I keep the letters and poems I wrote for her in it and some other things that remind me of her.

20160514_120628519_iOSNow those for objects remind me of my friends. I keep them in my wallet.

I got the green and the wooden heart from two of my friends before I left for the US as a lucky charm. I have them in my wallet since.

The necklace has a matching one I gave my host sister for her birthday. While mine sais forever, hers sais sisters. Inside there is a picture of us.

The button is from one of my friends in the US. She gave it to me as a lucky charm too.

20160514_120736747_iOSMy bullet journals\art books…

I started the left one of those almost a year ago and after I used all the pages I started to write and draw\letter in the right one. I also glue tickets and other stuff in them. They basically help me to deal with my life.

20160514_153836185_iOS My memory box

I keep a lot of things that remind me of vacation, events and other things in my memory box. I think I started it in sixth grade. There might be some things from even earlier in it. I haven’t looked through it for a while

Now I want to know if you have Items like that, that mean a lot to you. If you do why don’t you tell me in the comments?

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

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3 thoughts on “13 Objects That Mean A Lot To Me

  1. I keep a diary, which is quite cool to look through later on in life… sadly, my new blog has sort of replaced that, but I still write my diary when I feel the need to/really want to. I love the idae of a memory box- been thinking of making one for a while now and might actually get round to it at some point ;)x

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  2. These all look so beautiful! Your exchange trip must have been so eventful and it’s so lovely that you have the same necklace as your host sister. And having something of your grandma must be so so so special, I wish I had something of my deceased grandma. Such a lovely post 🙂

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