If I Were Sorry-Frans

As you might know the Eurovision Song Contest took place in Sweden yesterday. Of course I had to watch it. If You Were Sorry by Frans was the song that Sweden was participating with and I have to say I fell in love with the song. It is perfect. I was sure it is going to win. Sadly it didn’t. I don’t know about you but I found Ukraine’s performance really creepy and I didn’t like the song. Same with Australia. I didn’t like the song but yet Ukraine won and Austrailia got second. Australia isn’t even in Europe. I have to admit I am a little dissapointed about the outcome. If you haven’t already you should definetly listen to If I Were Sorry.

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13 thoughts on “If I Were Sorry-Frans

  1. Yaya! Another Eurovision fan. I love it so much. My sister has fallen in love with Frans, she had been listening to this song all day and I have to agree with both you and her that it is really good. I thought it would do really well, a lot better than it did. Sweden always have the est songs. I’m so happy you wrote this! – Jess xx

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            1. Yes!! Somebody else who loved him too! My friends were like he was nothing special but I loved Hungary’s entry, those clapping/whistling backing dancers were the best, we also can’t forget the massive drum, lol.

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