Why I Keep My Blog Secret-Guest Post


Hey everyone and welcome to this post. This one is kind of special because it’s my first time collabing with anyone and This post is a collab with Just A Blank Space who is an awesome blogger who I love very much so go look at her blog to find her post, which will be amazing as all her posts are and follow her if you haven’t already because you’re seriously missing out on life if you’re not following her. So something the both of us have in common is that we both don’t tell others about our blogs because of the reasons that I’ll cover now.
They simply don’t get it: This is the case because there are so many closed minded people in places such as school and if I were to tell them that I blog then their reactions would be simple: “ugh really, who would want to read about your life it’s sad as it is” umm… I kinda have 47 followers as I’m writing this so clearly there are some people reading this” “47 followers that’s nothing wow you suck at blogging and at everything” I’d like to see you try it yourself if you’re going to make fun of my blog. Then what’ll happen is they’ll get the whole school to follow me and leave nasty comments on my blog and it’d be a waste of time and incredibly annoying. But at the end of the day I get more followers so who’s laughing now. They simply don’t understand how fun this is and how many awesome friends you can make.

I share more online than I do in real life: I seriously share everything within reason with you guys; you guys know things that before I told you, I was the only one who knew no friends, no family, no one. Therefore because you are often the first people I tell things to, the information I share with you is highly classified and not for the eyes of people like school people and family. Seriously anyone that knows me outside of blogging would be in for a rude awakening when they find out everything about me on my blog. Not gonna lie but there are a few private things that I keep to myself. I also don’t enjoy showing my true emotions because I don’t trust easily but I use blogging to help express my feelings and I kinda use you guys as my sounding board.
So that was the end of the reasons why I don’t show people my blog and I just want to say there are a few people that I know in real life that know of my blog I can simply trust those people to not make fun and the people that I’ve told have all been supportive. Let me know if you have told people about your blog,
Also thank you again to Just A Blank Space for dealing with my annoyingness to work with and I hoped you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed making it and I’ll see you soon with another post.
The Lonely Lion
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9 thoughts on “Why I Keep My Blog Secret-Guest Post

  1. I also think that you can express yourself and your ideas better when you don’t really know exactly who is reading it. For me, if I write something and someone I know reads it, I can’t write as clearly and as freely as I usually do because I am afraid of their judgment and that they would look at me in a different way based on something I wrote, yow know?


  2. This is my third blog. The first two were anonymous and pretty tame with respect to the kind of content I was creating. With my current one, I just said F- it, and began to talk about some pretty raw and emotional topics. To be fair though, I’m a different person to the one who started the first blog. A lot more thick-skinned.

    That being said, it’s not enough to be honest and hope that people will find your blog. It’s important to be proactive and find your audience. That’s how communities are formed. Nice post 🙂

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  3. You’ve got another follower now ;]] And I don’t tell anybody about my blog because it’s one of the only things I feel like I can control, that it’s mine.

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  4. lovely blog 😀

    i totally get u on the fact that how hard it really is to get followers, especially since your keeping this a secret from people you know and just putting your sole effort into making this blog a success!

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