How To Spend A Perfect Day With Your Best Friend

How To (1)If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you might have seen that I spent a day with one of my best friends yesterday and I have to say it was perfect. I think I really needed a day like that. Especially after the decision I made. What I really love about this friend is that in all those years we have been friends now, she never really complained about the way I am.

Because the day was perfect yesterday I thought I share with you some tips how you can spend a perfect day with your best friend too.

Be open for anything:

My friend and I didn’t really want to go clothes shopping yesterday but we went anyways, not really knowing what we will end up doing. We walked around the town and stopped in some stores. The best thing was that I finally found a place that sells the Tombow dual brush pens (I think that is what they are called). I was looking fo

We also went into the new Urban Outfitters and I have to say I love this place. They have so many inspiring books and a lot of other stuff I would love to own, like one of their underwater cameras. It was hard not to buy everything.

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Later on we went back to her house and I spontaneously slept over.

Have a little photoshoot:

My friend took her camera yesterday so we could take some cool pictures. We went on top of the library or what we call it the “book prison”. Up there you have a pretty nice view. Our little photo shooting was way more fun then I expected. Earlier in the morning I cut out glasses and two mustaches and we took some really funny pictures with them.20160519_151342711_iOS The best thing is that every time I will look at those pictures I will remember the perfect day we had.

Take your time:

While we walked around we walked pass two guys who were playing some awesome music so we decided to sit on a bench and listen to them. I think we sat there almost 45 minutes. After a while a little boy with down syndrome came and sat down in front of them and listened to them too. It was so cute.

20160518_141629772_iOS Sadly I can’t upload videos to my WordPress but I posted a video of them playing on Instagram.

Try new things:

Before we went home we decided to go and get something from Starbucks. The original plan was to get a Caramel Macchiato because that is our favorite but they were having a new Frappuccino. We decided to try it instead and OMG it was the best thing on earth. I think the Frappuccino  was called S’mores, Chocolate Marshmallow.20160518_211449000_iOS

Don’t get upset over small things:

While we were listening to the two guys playing my phone decided to stop working. For a moment I was really upset about it but then I just put it away because I didn’t want my phone to ruin the day. I told myself that I could worry about it later and that was good because after I restarted everything later it started working again. It’s still not working the right way but at least it is usable again.

What is your favorite thing to do with your best friend?

Lots of Love

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