Washi Tape DIYs

Washi Tape (1)

I have a crazy obsession with washi tape. I mean how an you not love it? It is cute and you can do a million things with it.


That’s not even everything I earn and I have to keep myself from buying even more. Here is why:

You can stick it on everything


  • Phone cases
  • Notebooks
  • Pencils
  • Light switches
  • Paper clips
  • Picture frames
  • Journals
  • Old Items you want to use for something else (like a juice box in the picture)

You can make so many cute things with it

One thing I like to do with my washi tape is to use it in my journal or to make cards with it. I take my tape and stick it on a blank sheet of paper in a random order.


Then I go and cut out shapes and letters


And again you can use those for almost everything like card or you can stick them on your door… You just have to BE CREATIVE. That is the best thing.


Washi tape is also great to get your things organized. I like to color code my wires with it so they are easier to find in a box.20160520_162101341_iOS

What do you use Washi tape for?

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

(I almost tipped Just A Blank Tape)


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