How To Get Inspired

How To Get Inspired.jpgThe last few days I had no Idea what to do. I was not inspired at all and it was really frustrating as I wanted to write so bad. Luckily I found my inspiration again. My uninspiredness (is that a word? If not it is now) inspired me. Everyone has those kind of days where you just have no idea what to write about so I thought why not share with you the way I get inspired in those kind of days.


Pinterest is great. It gives you an overview on any topic. There are plenty of reasons why I love it. One reason are the cute pictures, second reason it that you can discover so many new blogs with Pinterest. Whenever I am not inspired I head over to Pinterest and look up random topics. I save pictures, quotes and ideas I like. Or I skip through my boards. There are so many treasures full of ideas hidden on Pinterest.


Listening to music is a great way to find some inspiration. Sometimes music gets me in my being creative mood and I love it. Also lyrics can be really inspiring. Especially twenty one pilots lyrics. I wish I could write like Tyler Joseph. Recently the song “If I were Sorry” by Frans inspired me a lot. Discovering new music always gives me new ideas. If you follow me on Instagram you might have figured it out already as I letter parts of the song a lot right now.

Going on a walk

A lot of people get their best Ideas while taking a shower but not me. Whenever I go on a walk with my dog I get the deepest thoughts and the best Ideas. When I walk I slowly organize my thoughts in my brain again after creating a giant mess in there during the day. I came up with the post Poop Talk/The Past while walking my dog. It is strange but I think the Idea behind it is pretty great.


Reading blogs and books gives me so many new ideas. Sometimes when I really like a post I pick up the Idea. Whenever I read a book I have a marked with me so I can mark the parts and quotes I really like. When I am done reading the book I go back to those parts. I try to letter the quotes and come up with blog post Ideas based on them.

Talking to other bloggers

The conversations I have with other bloggers are completely different from the conversations I have with my friends and family.  I talk about things with them I would never tell anyone else. Those conversations give me so many ideas on what I could write about. Also whenever I just can’t come up with my own ideas I ask them and most of the time they have even better ideas than I could ever come up with.

Doing something fun

When I do something I like I can think way better than when I do something I don’t like. For example during the day I spend with my best friend I got so many new ideas. Sometimes you have to leave your room and see the world to open your mind for new things to come in.

Now I want to know where you get your inspiration and all your ideas from?

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space


17 thoughts on “How To Get Inspired

  1. Books, definitely books – hehe. If I need something to write, just get me reading and it will get my thoughts going, and that will get me writing. So good.
    Music, movies, and definitely blogs too.


  2. This was really cool. I think going out and experiencing things also helps. And maybe carrying a notebook to jot down all your ideas can help too.

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