Between Two Worlds

Between Two WorldsI know, I know. I am talking way to much about my time abroad. Yesterday I told you guys about how much I miss my host family. If you missed that post you can read it here.

Later that day I got to skype with my host sister and I thought talking to her would make me feel better but it didn’t. Probably because she rarely talked to me and was too busy on her phone. What really hurt me was that she didn’t even listen to me when I told her how much I miss her and instead was telling me about other exchange students she would like to stay with her and the family.

While I was gone so many things changed and it is not the same with my friends as it used to be. Sometimes I feel like they live in a complete different world than I do. They don’t need me anymore. But now that I have been gone from the US for even longer the people I learned to love there seem to fade away too. It makes me feel so worthless and easily to replace.

I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel like I don’t fit in anywhere. I feel like I missed the train everyone took and now I am standing, all on my own, on a confusing big train station and don’t know what to do next.

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9 thoughts on “Between Two Worlds

  1. Hey, I can understand that a little, but it will happen with time. But you know what? To YOU, it’s still important. #’Ll hold onto those memories, because you were there a YEAR. Your friends may be riding a different train of life now, but they won’t forget.

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  2. Hey. I know 100% what you’re feeling like. All my friends in Australia never message or try and use any form of contact with me, but when I’m back, it’s like I never left. A lot of people live in the moment, therefore when we’re not there, they don’t really take any notice, but when we go back, they’re all over us. Hanging out, asking questions, smiling and laughing. Stay strong hun, because if you go back to the U.S, you’ll see what I mean. Xxxxx

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  3. Maybe you just need time to settle in again and to find your place. Sometimes the world keeps turning and it won’t wait for you to catch up, but I promise everything will settle down again. People change, but that brings new opportunities. Your travels sound amazing and I’m glad you had a good time

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      1. Well, sometimes you wait at the station and you see trains just passing through. But eventually one will stop. I read your post and I often felt and feel the same way (even on the internet where meeting new people seems so easy). So, you’re not the only outsider. If you ever wanna have a chat, feel free to send me an e-mail:

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