The Life Of My Memories

BedtimeMemories are beautiful creatures in our mind. My head is full with them. I like to think that every single one of my memories is a person that lives in this big city called my brain. Such as a real person they grow, change and die after a while. Some die at a way too young age but that is life.

I was lucky to be able to create a lot of memories in one year and now I feel like I have to take care of them or I will loose them all. Do you get what I mean? A couple months ago I read an article about how easy the human brain can get manipulated but I don’t want to get to deep into that topic. In the article it said that every time we talk about a memory or think about it we change it a little bit and that is the part that scares me.

How am I supposed to know which one of my memories will be true when I am older? I don’t want my memories to change or even fade away. I want them to stay the person they are. I want to remember everything the same way it happened. The good things and the bad things. Sure I have pictures and I wrote a lot of things down but  I love my memories as the person they were born as. They are perfect the way they were made. Even the bad ones because they made me who I am too.  And what will happen with all those little memories I didn’t write down? Every day I loose more of them. Every day I loose such a big part of me.

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Every single one of my memories is a little person that lives in a city called my brain. They grow


15 thoughts on “The Life Of My Memories

  1. I loved this post. You are a very inspirational writer and a great writer over all.
    I hope memories won’t slip away. Maybe you can associate a memory with an object so whenever you look at that object you remember the memory.
    Or maybe you can make a notebook where you just fill with all the memories.

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  2. This is so accurate, and something I’ve worried about waaaayyy too much! I definitely have some ‘memories’ and I’m not certain whether they actually happened or my mind made them up. I started a diary/journal last year because I was too afraid of losing some of my memories, and I want to document all my feelings and happy moments for the future.

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  3. You WILL remember them. In your own way, you WILL remember them, in the recesses of your mind when they’ve faded. But they’ll never fade completely. Memory’s like a sea – you get new waves, but the others are held in the water.

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  4. Actually, they say even auto-biographies are fictional because it’s only one account of a person. And people could have different perspectives on the same event that happened to that specific person. I agree with you. And yes, sometimes the brain creates memories that didn’t even exist just by looking at a childhood picture. Isn’t that crazy? By the way, I LOVE your blog. It always has something interesting to read and think about. Please keep up the good work.

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  5. this is actually such a scary thought…that our memories could be manipulated versions of the truth but we would never know…wow…I hope I’ll be able to treasure my memories for as long as possible 🙂
    (also, I’m so sorry for pointing this out but ‘lose’ only has one ‘o’ – sorry it’s just making me feel really uncomfortable😁)

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