How To Make An Old Shirt Look New

Yesterday I was sitting in my room reading blogs when I came across this post by the Dorkface Blog. The Ideas about things you can do were really good so I decided to do one of them.

How To Turn

I found an old Shirt in my closet that was a little bit to short for me. To make it longer I took one of my dad’s old button-down shirts and cut off the bottom of it

Next I sewed the open ends (the button facing)together to make kind of like a skirt.

Untitled design

Because the button-down was bigger that the shirt I cut of the ends on both sides and sewed them back together, making sure the button facing is placed in the middle of the back side of the shirt.

In the next step I sewed the shirt and the bottom of the button-down together.


To add the little pocket I cut out a part of the left over button-down fabric, folded it in the right shape and stitched some lyrics on. I am sorry but I have no picture for this step because it won’t upload without getting completely blurry. After sewing the pocket on the shirt you are all done.


Because I was bored I also stitched some lyrics on a other shirt I found.


It was supposed to say “If it wasn’t for this music I don’t know how I would have fought this” but I got tired along the way and stopped. The blue square around it is some chalk I used to mark the part where I have to stitch in.

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY post. Of course the Shirts are not perfect but I made them all by myself and I am proud of it. They actually turned out better that I expected them to do.

Lots of Love

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