Racism Because Of Chocolate

To start off this post I have to admit I had no Idea how to explain this too you guys. If it doesn’t make sense or the language is wrong I am sorry but I wanted to talk about it.

Racism because of chocolate.jpgKinder Schokolade is a type of chocolate you can buy in Germany. Maybe you have heard of it. The surprising eggs from Kinder Schokolade are the once that are illegal in the US but that is not what this post is about.

One type of their chocolate has a picture of a little blond boy with blue eyes on it. He looks like one of those typical German boys.

Feierabend Flug ! #letsfly#airberlin#ethiad#fly#love#bigpack#kinderschokolade#toblerone#schokolade#schoki#flug#fliegen#travel

Ein von Berlin & Hamburg (@az.jessy) gepostetes Foto am 27. Mai 2016 um 11:40 Uhr


In order of the Euro2016 they put pictures of our national players when they were little on the packaging. A lot of the national players have parents who come from different countries. They don’t look German at all. Because of that a group of racist people started hating on Kinderschokolade.

How dumb are those people? It is sad how much racism is around on social media these days and in Germany. I am pretty sure those people who are criticizing the pictures on the packaging are the first ones to celebrate when Özil and Co score a goal. Why can’t we all live together without hating on each other because we look different or have different believes?

Lots of Love to everyone on his planet

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5 thoughts on “Racism Because Of Chocolate

  1. People never stop surprising me with their reactions. Great post! By the way, I’ve been reaaally busy so that’s why I didn’t contact you about the guest post, so sorry! I’ll do it soon!

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  2. That is awful! I think its great that you’ve written this, it was really interesting! Its SO WEIRD as I’ve just finished eating one of these as I liked onto this post haha! Where I live, they don’t really sell the packs with the child on it, they just have the logo on it x

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