Proud to be proud is a tag created by the wonderful Luna. It is about listing 5 to 15 things you have done and you are proud of. I love the Idea of it so I decided to do it myself.

I am proud of myself for…

  • Going to the US, leaving my whole life behind for a year
  • Starting this blog and continuing to post on it
  • Finally becoming confident with myself
  • Accepting who I am and not trying to change it anymore
  • Running for the local teen council and all the votes I got, even if I was really afraid of doing it
  • Not giving up during the time I got bullied
  • Holding a presentation in front of our federal president in fourth grade
  • Working hard in school
  • Being myself
  • Doing Hip Hop in the second semester of my high school year and performing in the dance show
  • Swimming at state
  • Not quitting swimming even I wanted to so may times.

That’s  all. If you want to do this tag too make sure to use the tag #ProudToBeProud

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

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