A Walk Through My Mind

A Walk Through My MindIn school we are currently talking about how to write a proper essay in German. Although I love that topic because most of the time I am able write freely I have one slight problem with it. In an essay you are allowed to do almost everything. It is supposed to be like a walk through your mind, but it has to have a structure and that is my problem.

If I go on a walk through my mind it is everything but structured. I might start with thinking about a current event but it doesn’t take long until I start to doubt myself. Then I start to make up stories in which  I am able to do almost everything and finally I end up thinking about how much I miss the United States and traveling. My mom always says that when I start to think I always end up in Africa.

Everything we learn in school follows a certain structure. Our whole day is structured and even the future everyone expects us to have like going to college, getting married, become parents, grandparents and then die.

Sometimes I feel like I am caught in those structures. Why does everything have to follow the same thing? It is like they teach us that we should never try to do something else, that doesn’t follow the structure of our life.

I feel like the only way to find out who I really am is to take risks, break the structures and try as many crazy things as I can (excepts drugs and other illegal things).

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9 thoughts on “A Walk Through My Mind

  1. Oh my gosh this literally is me haha
    You kinda put it into words for me I hate the structure of “college, getting married, become parents, grandparents and then die” I don’t want to be forced to do anything. I don’t want to feel like my only purpose in life is to get married and have a child right away (although I want to get married and have a child just in my own time) the future really just scares me so much.

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  2. Have you ever read Paper Towns by John Green? Well, in this post, you remind me of Margo. She didn’t really like structure either and didn’t understand why everyone’s lives had to be the same: born, school, collage, marriage, children, grandparents, death.

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