5 People I Want To Slap In The Face

SlapI am sure you all know this feeling. Sometimes when someone annoys you or you just don’t get along, you get the desire to take your hand and slap them in their stupid face. Well I have a list of people I want to do this to.

My Norwegian host sister

I don’t know if I told you but during my time in the US I had a Norwegian host sister and we didn’t get along at all. She treated me like her servant, made me feel like a looser, always needed all the attention and told things about me behind my back in school. She made me cry and homesick many times with her behavior.

My bullies

I don’t really want to slap them in the face but I would love to show them how much they hurt me with their words.

My Grandpa

That might sound really hard to you but I don’t get along with my grandpa. No one does. He caused my moms depression and he doesn’t understand what he did to her. He thinks everything that happened is my dad’s fault and not his. He always tells me what a horrible person my dad is and he only cares about himself. He never spend time with me and you can’t talk t him without him yelling at you at the end for something that is not even your fault.


I wish I could slap the Romans in their face for making up Latin. Nothing makes me feel as bad as trying to understand that horrible language.

The boys who take my stuff

In school in the row in front of me and on my right are most of the boys in my class seated. For some reason they came up with this game they think is funny. They take my stuff during class, don’t give it back or throw it at me and the ground. They behave like they are still in kindergarten and I can’t get them to stop. It is so annoying and I can’t pay attention in class.

Those are the five people/groups I wish I could slap in the face. Who do you want to slap in their face?

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12 thoughts on “5 People I Want To Slap In The Face

  1. I would like to slap those annoying boys in the face for you – there are boys in my classes to who used to do the same to me and take my stuff and throw it around and it’s SO ANNOYING and immature. Probably also my younger self for not taking all the opportunities I was given.

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  2. Ahahaha, the Romans! If anything goes wrong, I’ll blame it on the Romans. I think that will be my new catch phrase. Ah, the Romans. 😛

    Can you do a series of posts about your study abroad program?
    Here are some questions to help you get started:
    1. The differences you found between the U.S. and Germany?
    2. What did you like in the U.S.?
    3. What did you not like about the U.S.?
    4. What were things you did not expect to miss about Germany?
    5. Did people treat you differently because you were German?
    6. Any stereotypes or racist comments that offended you?

    You don’t have to answer all of these questions. But I thought these would help, as I would love posts on how you compare and contrast these two countries.


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