School Kills My Creativity

As you might have figured out already I haven’t posted that much during the last two months. The reason I did is because I had a lot of work to do for school. I had up to three exams a week and barely any free weekend during to my training on becoming a swim coach. I was under a lot of stress because I put way to much pressure on myself. I expect too much from myself.

All I could think of was the work I had to do. I couldn’t sleep and when I forced myself to take a break all I could think of were all the things I had to do. I just had no idea what to write about. All those thoughts on work killed my ideas and it made me so mad. I wanted to write but I couldn’t. All this finally got to a point where I couldn’t do anything anymore and felt like I am going to break down.

Luckily the school year is almost over now. Two more weeks and we are going to hike the Alps. After that we have three more days of school were we do basically nothing and then I am off to Wales. I am so excited. I hope I will find new inspiration on my adventures and I can’t wait to tell you guys about them.

Lots of Love

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