You Have No Right To Treat Me Like That

Today was the traditional senior prank in school. It usually is the only day of the year where we get out of school to do something fun.

Well it wasn’t that much fun for me this year.

Part of the prank was that they put up boxes in the hallway in front of the faculty room, turning it into a chaos. My English teacher told us we could get our exams today so I went to the faculty room. There were some other students waiting  too, making it even more of a chaos. Suddenly one of the teachers came yelling at us because we were waiting there. He came from behind me and pushed me really hard into the group of teachers standing in the door. I almost fell. Then another teacher yelled at me because suddenly I was the one they blamed for the chaos. I told her I want to get my exam and she just yelled at me that this is not important right now. I almost cried and ran away.

The day was ruined for me. I couldn’t enjoy any of the games later. All I wanted was to be alone.

This is so stupid. I mean they have no right to treat me that way. I am always the one who behaves, does her work, and pays attention but for some reason most of my teachers seem to hate me. I whish I would have to courage to speak up and defend myself in those kind of situations. I take those kind of things really personal. It is not my fault you are mad? just leave me alone

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10 thoughts on “You Have No Right To Treat Me Like That

  1. Wow seriously? Doesn’t nobody think the way the teachers reacted was over the top, if that happened at my school there would be chaos. If I was you, I would report it or something, and don’t let things like this wreck your day.

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  2. That sounds horrible! Nobody deserves to be yelled at for no reason at all. And no, chaos is not a good reason. Chaos is chaos, it’s impossible to say right at the spot “oh this person is causing it” cause chaos means everyone’s contributing to it! Ugh, don’t let this get you down though. Just lower your expectations from your teachers tbh, they don’t sound very student friendly.

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  3. You are so right, you study, do work, pay attention and they treat you like that? There’s not right!! That chaos wasn’t your fault! Ugh, teachers can be so annoying!!
    I support you girl! 😀 Try to not over think that cause it’ll make you feel worse, believe me. It’ll be fine! 🙂

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  4. You didn’t deserve any of that!!! Just keep working hard like you always are because you will finish school so you can put it all behind you. All the best xxx

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  5. I’m so sorry this happened to you, especially on a day where you should have been able to enjoy yourself and have fun. Sometimes people are idiots, we can’t do anything about them, but we can make sure that we be the best version of ourselves instead. *virtual hugs and blocks of chocolate*, xxx.

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