Quality Reading Time

-Quality reading time-.jpgFor some reason I felt like reading today. Good for me that I live next to library. I went there just before it closed to pick up some books.

I used to go there twice week to get books but now days I barely go. Only for three reasons:

  • They don’t have good books in English
  • School leaves me no time for reading
  • Our old librarian retired and I hate the new one. She seems arrogant and threw away most of the books. It makes me sad to see all of this empty space that used to be filled with books.

I did pick up two books today and immediately started reading the first one when I came home. I didn’t even put it down ones. I read for four hours straight until I finished the book. It felt so good to read and I loved the story. It was about a girl who got bullied and now suffers from social anxiety. She can’t even look into her parents eyes in the beginning but through the help of her soon becoming boyfriends she gets over it. I hope I will get to read a lot more over the summer.

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9 thoughts on “Quality Reading Time

      1. Practice your English? English is your second language? I would have never known that if you didn’t say that right now. It’s awesome you’re fluent in both.

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