The Festival Of Lights

The Festival Of Lights.jpgYesterday the yearly festival of Lights took place where I live. I didn’t really want to go because there are way too many people there but all of my friends went and they convinced me to come with them. In the end I was glad I went because it was better than last year.

At first we went to collect all the freebies we could get and got something to eat. I got two sunglasses, a straw hat, some glow sticks and I ate Falafel. Afterwards we went over to the meadow where several bands performed and where we had a perfect view on the fireworks later. The firework was pretty great. I think my favorite was when they played the song purple rain along to purple firework so it looks like it was really raining purple rain. It was a lot of fun to sing along the music with my friends and to watch the firework go off along the music too. In the end we walked around and looked at the different lights they put up all around the area.

#purplerain at the festival of light yesterday #fireworks

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Next to us was a big group of thirteen year olds. nothing special but they were constantly smoking and not just cigarettes. I thought it was really sad as they are so young.  I also stepped out of my comfort zone when a girl asked me if I could give her my number because she has a bet with her friend. Normally I would have said no but yesterday I didn’t. I did give her a number I made up and saved it under a wrong name but at least I talked to her and didn’t deny it from the beginning.

On our way home we got a little lost. We had to hurry to get our train by time but didn’t know where the train station was. When we were walking around trying to find the right way we came across one of our teachers. He wasn’t really happy to see us but he told us where to go. In the end we didn’t miss our train but we still had to walk home for twenty minutes because it was so late that no bus came anymore.

The festival of lights was fun but really exhausting because of all the people there. In the end one of my friends ask me why I would be so sad? I told her that I am not sad but exhausted from all the people and that I hate being around a lot of people because I don’t feel comfortable but I don’t think she understood.

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5 thoughts on “The Festival Of Lights

  1. Aww it sounds like you had a tiring + great day! I love fireworks, they’re so beautiful, and luckily my birthday is on the day where loads of fireworks go off at exactly 12am – New Years Day!

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