Packing For A New Adventure


This Sunday I am finally leaving for a new adventure. It is the last week of school and after a new tradition my school started three years ago all tenth graders will leave and cross the Alps. We will leave on Sunday and we will come back Monday the following week. I am so excited although it is going to be hard to hike all day.


Today I started with assembling all the things I want to take with be but because I have to carry everything myself it is not that much. It also has to fit in my backpack and looking at the pile of clothes and other things it doesn’t seem that big anymore.  I AM SO EXCITED.


I will obviously not be able to blog during our hike but if anyone wants to collaborate with me and guest post on my blog while I am gone it would be awesome. I don’t want to leave you guys without anything for a week. Also I will go to Wales for two weeks two days after I came home from the Alps and I am not sure if I will be able to blog there so keep the guest posts coming.

Lots of Love

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