The 40th Anniversary

Today my school celebrated its 40th anniversary. Every year we have a so called culture evening, where you can come to school and do different things. This year for example you could go write your name in Arabian or learn a traditional Irish dance (I think).

Every year the highlight of the evening is a group of students who act on stage improvising everything they do. The audience get to help making up the different challenges for the two groups competing and after each scene you get to vote who did it better. It is so funny and so much fun to watch.

This year I actually knew some of the actors and for the whole time I was kind of admireing them. I wish I could do something like this too, but even the thought of having to go on stage in front of all those people scares me so much. I didn’t even feel comfortable sitting in the audience because of the big crowd and after wards I felt done with everything. My thoughts were going insane and all I wanted was to run and scream.

I don’t even know why feel like this recently.

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2 thoughts on “The 40th Anniversary

  1. In Dubai, it’s very common to have a day at school called Culture Day because Dubai is a place where so many cultures connect. It’s kind of like the United Nations, haha.

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