Swap Box With Em

Swap Box.jpgI am so excited for todays post. A couple months ago the wonderful Em from Adventures Of A Lost Teen  asked me to do a swap box with her and as you can probably guess I got her box today.

My address.jpg

I was so excited to open it. The first thing that was in it was a little british Flag.


Inside of the flag were two little packages. In the first one was a really cute little notebook with a quote on it and a little card which has written WRITE FOREVER on it. It is so pretty. I am going to put the card on my inspiration wall.


The second one contained some candy and hot chocolate, which I am drinking right now as I am writing this post. It tastes different from the hot chocolate I know. I also tried those Gummy bears called Randoms and they are really good. They taste like Gummy bears in Germany.  The package also contained a post card, a list with British things and a CD with photographs on it.

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Can we all please take a moment and acknowledge how cute this list of British things is. I love it. Em put so much work in it.

Don’t forget to check out Em’s blog. The box I sent her should should arrive soon too and not to forget that her blog is awesome.

Thank you so much for doing this with me Em.

Lots  of Love

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22 thoughts on “Swap Box With Em

  1. First of all, that was very thoughtful of Em to send that package. I know mailing things can be expensive. The fact that she went out of the way to send so many cute things all the way to Germany is huge deal. It really shows and reflects the kind of person she is. She’s designed it so well. Very intricate and creative. I would be honored and surprised if I received something like that. I think this is a fantastic idea. Not to mention, the exchanging of cultures in a box! What a fantastic idea. I would to hold something like this on my blog one day.

    Can someone send me a package too? Ahahahaha! 😛 😛 😛

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  2. I’m so, so happy you liked it all! I’m glad you liked the Randoms and I hope the hot chocolate is alright! I don’t drink it myself but Cadbury’s is very popular over here so I thought I’d send you some to try. I can’t wait for mine to arrive now! And thank YOU so much for doing this too. I’ve loved the whole experience. 🙂

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