What I Did This School Year

What I Did This School YearWhile you are reading this I am on my hike to cross the Alps and when I come home there are only two more days of school until summer. I can’t believe one more year has passed.  I feel like I just came home from the US and now this school year is over. Even the time seems to have passed so fast there are a lot of things I did this school year.

  • I wrote 34 exams and way to much tests
  • I hiked the alps (well I am working on it)
  • I made new friends
  • I failed the theoretical test for my drivers license
  • I ran for the local teen council
  • I finally wrote my last Latin and Physics exam
  • I went to an event where politicians asked us teenager how we want the future to be
  • I did an internship at a publishing house
  • I gave advice to future exchange students
  • I became a swim coach
  • I got way more confident
  • I got my braces out (After five years)
  • I learned lettering (Well I tried to)

What did you during the last school year?

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5 thoughts on “What I Did This School Year

  1. I studied almost all the time (last year of school) wrote too many tests about the same thing, wrote the final math exam badly because CBSE screwed up the paper which no one could perform well on, started my blog and became confident about myself 🙂

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