Let’s Just Say I Am Happy

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Today I did something I never expected myself to do and I feel really good about it. If you  have been following my blog for a while you might have read about how insecure I am about my hair.

In fourth grade, I cut off my hair. Before that, I used to have really long hair but after cutting it, it barely reached my chin.I think it wasn’t until fifth or maybe seventh grade when people in school started to make fun of my hair. I was bullied before and let’s say I had no self-esteem back then. What people said really hurt me. I started hiding my hair underneath a beanie and let it grow longer until to the point it was really long again.

I still didn’t like my hair and continued hiding my hair. I don’t know why but my long hair just didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like me. I have been thinking of cutting it off for so long but I was afraid of really doing it. Last time when I went to get a haircut I was confident to do it but in the end, I was too afraid  and just cut off my split ends.

I still wasn’t happy with my hair and I still kept thinking of finally cutting it off. Guess what? I went to get a haircut today and I DID IT!!!!!!! This time, I went to just cut off my split ends but I ended up with finally cutting off my hair. I didn’t think about what others would think. The only thig I thought off was how much I wanted it. It is not as short as it used to be. It barely reaches my shoulder. I think I cut off at least 15cm.

I love my new haircut and I feel so happy whenever I look in the mirror. I finally feel like myself. It still feels a little weird though because I was used to the long hair but it fills me up with happiness. Also, the reaction of my parents was priceless. First, my dad was surprised but then he looked at me in a way I knew he loved it, which made me even happier.

Oh and I also got three more brush pens to add to my collection what makes me really happy too.

Lots of Love

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11 thoughts on “Let’s Just Say I Am Happy

  1. AAAAAH this is so amazing! 🙂 Very, very proud of you. It’s so great that you feel happier about this! Be confident in yourself, and remember this is YOUR hair and body!

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