I Won A Giveaway

I Won A Giveaway.jpg

If you follow me on twitter you might have read that I participated in a giveaway for fun. To my surprise, I actually won. I asked you guys if you want to read about it and your answer was yes, so here we go this is what I got:

A Hogwarts Mug
A Hogwarts Shirt
And finally a Hogwarts college jacket
I really love it’s back

My first thought, when I opened the box, was that I should give maybe one of the three things to one of you guys but then I realised that I live in Germany and you don’t, which means I would have to pay way too much money to send it to you. It makes me sad but I hope that maybe one day I will be able to host my own giveaway.

Lots of Love

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11 thoughts on “I Won A Giveaway

  1. The part of this post that stood out to me the MOST, was when you said you first thought about giving away one of the items you would. Now that shows what a lovely and caring person you are. It honestly filled me with happiness, to hear that you were wanting to share your goodies. You’re amazing xx

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