Why Laptop Why??

I am sorry I have been away for a couple days but my laptop decided to install an update and while doing that it deleted a file or whatever it is called. Now because of that my laptop can’t find any wifi connections anymore and is basically useless. As far as I know to fix the problem I have to redownload the file from the internet. You see my problem?

The worse thing is that I am not even home. I am currently writing this on my aunts computer and I don’t think I will be able to post until I get home where I can try to fix my laptop. I am so mad.

I hope you are having a fun time and good luck for all of you getting their GCSE grades

Lots of Love

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2 thoughts on “Why Laptop Why??

  1. You could try to reset your computer to a point before the update was installed. It’s possible via the control panel. There you’ll find the option to reset your computer and it’s got some points to choose from and you see what’ll change on your system if you reset your computer to a certain point.
    Another option would be to connect your computer to your router using a network cable. This way you might be able to establish a connection the internet to download the missing file. The you re-establish your wifi connection and you won’t need the cable anymore. Hope any of this helps you!

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