My Finished Journal

I can’t believe I already filled up my latest journal. I started it when I first started blogging and those of you who have been there since the beginning probably remember the post where I talked about starting it and finally closing the old one.

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you may have seen the video I posted of me skipping through my journal and since some of you asked for more photos I decided to share them on my blog too.

Skipping through my finished journal #lettering #journal #journaling #handlettering #writing

A video posted by Just A Blank Space (@just_blankspace) on Aug 23, 2016 at 2:30am PDT

Those are the first couple pages of my journal.

It also contains some doodles I made during boring classes in school… …and some blog post ideas, which you might have read.

  It also contains my first attempts in using a brush pen.

One thing I really like is that you can see how I got better.

In my journal you can also find some random lists and lyrics of songs that I like.

And finally it contains tickets and memories so I can look back on all the fun things I did.

The last page is a little boring but I left some space so I can add a comment when I read through it again in the future

That’s it. There are so many different kinds of journals but what I like the most about mine is that I don’t just use it for one single thing. The main reason why I started it was because I wanted to be able to remember the things I did in maybe ten years time or later. I think it will be pretty funny to skip through it in a couple years.

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

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36 thoughts on “My Finished Journal

  1. Thank you, my wish was granted! I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of the pictures! I have a journal as well, but I don’t stick things in mine. It’s mostly me writing about major events that happened in my life. I have nearly finished it, so I might do an artsy journal like yours. If you don’t mind me asking, the tickets that are in German, what were those tickets for?

    I’m incredibly impressed and inspired. I hope to create something like this one day.


  2. Damn you’re so good at making things look beautiful (and definitely tumblr worthy,) I wish I could be as creative as you and make such amazing stuff like this!

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