Annoying Things People Do On Instagram 

As you might have figured out I am on Instagram (make sure to follow me there). I always loved Instagram and I posted way too much on m personal account. I probably annoyed my friends a lot, which brings me to the point of this post. There are a lot of people on Instagram and some of them developed some really annoying habits. Well they annoy me but   please don’t take this too serious. I don’t want to offend anybody.

Follow for follow

I understand the concept of follow for follow and I completely understand it. I mean I love it if someone follows me back after following them but the thing that annoys me are al of those comments only saying fff. Especially if I follow someone already. I mean I followed your account because I like it and I would love it if you follow me back but you don’t have to ask if I want you to follow me. What’s the point in having an account if you think people only follow you because they want you to follow them too and not because they like what you do?

Tagging people in pictures for no reason

Sometimes when I follow a new account they tag me in every single one of their posts for no reason. I don’t get why people do that because if I follow you I already see your picture in my timeline (I hope that’s what it’s called).  What annoys me the most about that is that every time someone tags me in a picture I get spammed with notifications related to that post.

Posting the same picture ten times in a row

I don’t understand why people sometimes post the same picture over and over. Isn’t one enough?

Accounts that don’t use their own pictures

I come across a lot of accounts which have this in the description: Photos don’t belong to me. I don’t understand what is the purpose of posting pictures you didn’t take yourself. At least those accounts admit they didn’t take them and don’t claim them to be theirs.

Constantly posting and then deleting pictures

There are some accounts who constantly post pictures and delete them after a couple of minutes and I don’t understand the purpose of that. Think before you post and don’t decide after the picture was up for a short amount of time.

That’s it. Is there anything that annoys you over on Instagram. Please let me know and if I understand one of the things above wrong please let me know too.

Oh and also Thank you soooooo much for 300 followers. Shout out to my 300th follower adelinemulia

Lots of Love

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26 thoughts on “Annoying Things People Do On Instagram 

  1. What do you think about the bots that try to get you to click on their virus ridden websites. Whenever I follow a known account I seem to get a bunch for bots liking my pictures. And I think these bots are always targeting men as well.

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  2. I can relate to this so much! Being someone who has only had Insta for about a month I can already notice people that do all of these things and it’s SO annoying! Especially the ‘posting the same photo 10 times’, I think that’s worse and more annoying than posting nothing at all because it’s not like it’s new content for people to enjoy and to be honest I never like the photo again if it comes up on my timeline so what’s the point in posting it?? Urgh! It’s so annoying! I don’t think I do any of the things you’ve said above and I really hope I don’t annoy my followers :/ Thanks for an awesome post 🙂

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  3. I’m the sort of person who would actually post a picture then a minute later delete it, if I didn’t do it my theme would be all over the place and at the moment my theme is the thing I’m concentrating on the most. 😂 Sorry to annoy you.

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  4. Omg! I can 100% relate! Especially when someone keeps reposting their picture So! Like I saw it 100 times before.

    And congrats on 300 followers!!!!🎉🎉

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  5. Omg I agree to 100% of this! I hate when people follow for follow, also people who follow you and then unfollow you, like what? I also don’t understand why people delete pictures every 2 seconds, or why they post the same pic 10 times in a row. I love this post! XD XD
    Also congrats on 300 followers!! I love your blog, you deserve it!! XD XD Keep blogging!! XD

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