Writing On A Typewriter 

I hope you guys can read it. The typewriter wasn’t used for over 30 years. Do any of you have one?


23 thoughts on “Writing On A Typewriter 

  1. Omg that’s amazing! I wish I had a typewriter!! XD XD You’re so lucky at have one, they’re so cute!!! XD ❤ I'm glad it's gonna be used after 30 years, I hope your laptops works soon, but I also hope you write more of these posts with your typewriter!!! 😛 XD

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  2. This is so cool! You should have recorded yourself while typing. The tapping of the keys makes an even better sound than the ringing of the bell! You can, however, correct your mistakes, just google tipp-ex. Maybe they still sell it for typewriters.

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      1. You don’t necessarily need a camera, if you don’t want to be seen. Just the sound is enough. You could do that with your phone or use a camera but keep the lens covered. Tippex was invented for correcting typos made with a typewriter. So it rather adds to the feeling 😉

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