Every Life Is It’s Own Story 

Do you ever sit in a bus, train, public space… And wonder what is going on in the life’s of the people around you? I do. Sometimes I make up story’s of where they are headed or what they are thinking about in that exact moment. They may thinking about kissing the boy/girl they are in love with or they are thinking about problems at work. I don’t know who they are and sometimes I wish I could walk up to them and find out more about their life. I never do because let’s face it. They would probably think I am a stalker. They will never know that while they are sitting there in front of me dealing with their life they are living big adventures in my head. 

Sometimes when I see a plane in the sky I look up and wonder about all the people who are sitting in that plane. Planes are filled with so many different emotions and people. One might be sad because they left someone behind they low and someone else might be excited to see the important person in their life soon. Someone else might be excited for the new adventures waiting for them and an other person might be dreaming about the adventures they are leaving behind. 

Every life is it’s own story and I want to find out about all of them 

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space 


12 thoughts on “Every Life Is It’s Own Story 

  1. I wonder about these things too sometimes… Like if the person next to me was a CIA agent or maybe he just win the lottery or she just got divorced or she has cancer or she’s a model…… 😁😁😁 Or maybe they are a blogger!!!

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  2. A stalker is a person who is following someone constantly and knows everything about someone’s life. So, you wouldn’t be a stalker. You can start off with small talk and just be friendly. Maybe try approaching someone closer to your age. That might be easier.

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  3. I am constantly fascinated by this concept. I ask myself the exact same questions as you – what are they thinking? Just – who ARE they? I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks like this. It astounds me how many lives there are, and we’re just ONE life.

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