The Blogging Book 

About a month ago I did something called a swap box with Em and I absolutely loved it. I always wanted to do something similar again and this is why I thought of the blogging book. 

You are probably wondering what the blogging book is. Let me explain. The blogging book is a simple notebook. In this notebook everyone participating will fill in a page or two with anything they want to. When you are done you send it to the next person. 

I know that many of you are anonymous on WordPress and that no one wants to make their address public. This is why I would collect everyone’s addresses and only give it to the person that will send you the notebook, without teeling them your blogging name. Afterwards I will delet all the addresses. This way we might be able to do it.  I will also try to organize everything in a way that everyone sends the book the “shortest way” possible so sending it won’t be too expensive. 

Now I need to know if any of you are interested in doing this. Let me know in the comments, over email, my contact page, Twitter or Instagram so I can organize everything. You can always stay anonymous. 

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space 


Twitter and Instagram: just_blankspace 


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