A Page In My Journal (Typewriter Post)


2 thoughts on “A Page In My Journal (Typewriter Post)

  1. I love this so much. Your artwork is as wonderful as ever and I understand how you feel in regards to what you wrote on the right hand page. Socialising is exhausting, I agree, and I also know that I too am quite happy to have fun without the aid of alcohol and other people. Even if other people don’t understand you, the important thing is that YOU do and that you’re happy with that. 🙂 Just because you aren’t like other people and don’t like getting drunk, doesn’t mean you are boring. In fact, I’d say you are one of the most interesting people I have (virtually) met – you’re unique and complex and your personality as so many layers, each with different qualities which come together to make you you. Trust me that makes you a very, very interesting person and I know one day you’ll find people who are willing to dig below the surface and discover YOU. 🙂

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