Suddenly I’m The Old One

Before I will start this post I want to remind you that you can still become part of the blogging book. The deadline for joining is this friday. Now lets start with the regular post:

 It seems like yesterday that I was this little girl looking up to the “big kids” in school and to all the swim coaches at my swimming club. I remember when our new coach started coaching us and I told my mom that he is old. Turns out he was as old as I am now. The crazy part abpout this is that I am the old one for all the kids I am coaching. I remember a couple of girls asking me if I was married? When I started laughing and told them that I am not married yet they looked at me confused and said: “but you are already nineteen years old!” (at that moment I was sixteen years old)

I remember looking up to all the juniors and seniors in school. My friends and I admired them. They were big, almost done with school and as cool as we wanted to be. I remember stalking a couple each break because we thought having a boyfriend is sooooooo cool. And now I am a Junior and most of my friends are Seniors. Some of them even graduaded last year.

Now I am the “Old One” for all those little girls, which I used to be.  I don’t feel old at all. I still feel like a little girl, that tries to figgure everything out. I thought when you are older everything will be easier. Turns out it is not. It only gets harder year by year.

There are a lot of things I used to believe when I was little. There were a lot of things that I expected to happen too. Some of them did, some of them did not.

I hope that I am a good role model for al those little girls that look up to me. I always knew who I want to become and who I don’t want to become but who knows if those little girls do. I did have some really good role models and  still look up to some of them.  I hope I am good enough to be the old one those little girls look up to.

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