This Ain’t Equality

Equality. A big word don’t you think? Well I think it is, but I also thinkt that equality is something really important. All human s should be eaqual to one antohter. Gender, Sexuality, skin color all of this shouldn’t matter because in the end we are all the same. Human.

Equality is something really important. It is something we need to achieve together. A project for our generation. There already are laws on equality and that is important but I think that a single law can’t change anything and that is how we are trying to approach it at the moment.

For me equality doesn’t begin with a law but with how people treat and think of each other. For example there has been a disscussion in Germany about passing a law, which requires companies to employ a certain percentage of women in well paid jobs. I don’t want to get employed because the law tells the company to do it. I want to get emplyed because they think, that I am good enough, have the skills and espesially that I am as good as men. The same with wage. I want to get paied because I am good at what I do and not because a law tells the company to pay me the same as men.

Equality starts in our heads. There can be an infinite ammount of laws saying, that women, the LGBT Community, people with different skin color are equal but as long as there are people who think something different they are not.

It all starts with how kids are raised. Kids believe what we teach them. We have to start today teaching them the right thing. No girl schould think she isn’t as good as boys. No little boy or girl with dark skin color should be afraid of the police or treated differently. No muslim should be judged by the actions of some terrorist.

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8 thoughts on “This Ain’t Equality

  1. Great post.
    A lot countries try to include that same law without calling it a law. They class it as positive discrimination. It is sad that this happens, because not only is it ruling people out of opportunities because they think they’re making things “equal”, but it also causes the person who gets the job, to doubt their self-worth or actual abilities.
    Equality is not about the numbers equal, it is about treating everyone with respect, providing everyone with opportunities and not ignoring or disregarding someone because of an adjective.

    Feel free to check out my post on the issue “Choose, equality or equality?”

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