I Am Stronger Than Ever…And Cool

Yesterday something happened I never ever expected to happen in my life. I was texting with my friend. We were talking about school when he just randomly dropped this:

By the way ________(insert name here) said, that you are the coolest girl in our grade. But don’t tell anyone.

This might not be anything special for you but this might be one of the best texts, someone send to me, ever. Why? Because before I decided to take a year off school to spend a year on an american high school I was in a different grade. In my old grade I was the looser. I got bullied and I came home crying almost every day. It wasn’t until ninth grade until I found some friends and I left the following year.

Since the first day back in school in Germany I felt so much better. I felt welcomed in my new grade and quickly found new friends. My grades went up and I was more relieved that ever, because my biggest fear of coming home was, that no one would like me in my new grade too. And now someone thinks I am cool.

That’s a change I never expected to happen and knowing that it did makes me happier than ever. 

I’ve changed, the people around me changed, my life changed. There’s still good change in this world. All you have to do is keep fighting for it. Looking back to who I was three years ago and who I am today makes me even more proud of who I have become. I am stronger than ever and I am cool. Deal with that me from the past.

Lots of Love

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