My Old Diary (2009-2011)

On December 13th 2006 I got a diary and little seven year old me decided to write in it. For the next five years I wrote in it whenever I felt like it. The last entry was written on September 6th 2011. I guess I kind of forgot about that diary after that but I kept it. A couple of days ago I got this diary out to read through it again.

Most of the time I just wrote about the things I did that day. It took a couple of years until I started to write about some feelings but it is still one of the best things to read through what I wrote and see how I got better over the years.

Why am I telling you this? I don’t know but what I know is that I want to show you some of the entires. They are written in German but I tried to translate them as good as I could.

December 13th 2006:

Today I went to gymnastics. I got a present there. Inside was a diary. Today I wrote in this diary for the first time.

July 2nd 2008:

We drove to the Schloss Bellevue to the Federal President. There we told him about our project we did in school (Me and four other kids out of my class were allowed to go with our teacher. We flew to Berlin which was my first time on a plane)

October 19th 2008:

Today we drove to visit grandma in rehab, because she broke a vertebrae (I hope that is the right word). But she also had to get surgery on her neck, then her blood started to come out of her stitches, dad saved her life. But now she is better and she can walk with a walking frame.

August 28th:

Grandpa is stupid (my grandpa from my mom’s side). He and my aunt yelled at mom until she had a nervous breakdown. Mom and dad both resigned (my grandpa has his own company). Dad now has his own company planned. I hope everything turns out fine. At the moment it is really hard at home.

September 9th 2009:

Today was a STUPID day because grandma died. We went to see her. (My grandma from my dad’s side)

September 10th 2009:

Today we went to say goodbye to grandma. She looked so peaceful and like she was sleeping.

November 11th 2010:

This is a long entry. On this day I fell while playing a game in school and hit my head on a table. I had to get one stitch and I am talking about how I don’t blame anyone for it.

November 23rd 2010:

Today I found a letter in my pencil-case (it was a love letter). and later on I found a second one. But who are they from? It kind of looked like one of my friends wrote it and I asked her. Thanks to her everyone now knows about it. I told her to keep it a secret.

April 24th 2011:

Today was a cool day. My mom and I went to a LENA concert and it was so cool. I was in the front row. She sang two new songs which means a new album is coming out soon There was a really ugly guy, who threw a rose but he couldn’t throw. hahaha ( I was so mean)

September 2nd 2011:

Today mom broke down again. Everytime this happens I get really sad. I hope she will get better soon.

September 9th 2011:

Today grandma died two years ago. I miss her  and I think of her a lot. It is hard to realise that she isn’t here anymore. Today I wrote a song for her. She will always be deep down in my heart.

Reading through all of this it kind of seems like I had a hard childhood which I had not. I think it seems like this because I mostly wrote in my diary when I was sad and I felt like I need to talk about it but didn’t want to talk to my parents. Writing has always been really important to me.

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5 thoughts on “My Old Diary (2009-2011)

  1. Idk why but you seem so cute! (Awkward) Sorry anyways. I tried writing but I always had a feeling that if someone found out my inner feelings, they probably hate me. The only time I wrote in my diary was for 4 days when my brain nearly exploded with pain because I haven’t told anyone about anything(depression)!

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