This Time I Didn’t Fail

This morning I had to take the theoretical drivers test again and you can’t imagine how nervous I was. I already failed once I couldn’t fail twice. Especially because some of my classmates made fun of me for failing the first time. 

As I wrote yesterday I was really afraid to fail aigain but when I got up this morning I was super nervous and it got worse as I got closer  to the place where I had to take the test. That one of the guys who bullied me was also in the car didn’t make it better. 

When I walked through the door I was shaking. My heart pounded like it wanted to rip open my chest and jump out. Throughout the whole test I was shaking even if I noticed that the questions were way easier this time. 

When you are done taking the test and turned your answers in you have to click on a button to show your result on the screen. It took a while until I convinced my finger to click on it. In my head I already saw myself telling my parents that I failed again. 

When I then saw that I passed my heart jumped. I couldn’t believe it. I went to pick up my paper and while I was walking through the door I stared at it trying to convince my brain that it was true. Outside I then almost started crying because of how relieved I was. 

Turns out I am not as much of a failure I thought I am. 

Lots of Love

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11 thoughts on “This Time I Didn’t Fail

  1. I was the same on my practical tests, the theory was fine because I literally memorized everything but we have this thing called hazard perception which I didn’t practice for and failed the first time!

    I ended up getting so nervous on my practical tests my foot would be shaking the entire time and I would make the most ridiculous mistakes, such as driving through a red light and stopping in the box you’re not allowed to stop in! I ended up passing 4th time, before my third test I knew I would pass on my fourth! They were the least favourite experiences of my life and it’s the worst because I wanted to drive so much ever since I as tiny! But once you pass, you’re set for life! Try taking Rescue Remedy to calm your nerves

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  2. omg yay! when i took my driver’s test it was so nerve-wracking. in the state of idaho you’re allowed to miss six out of fifty questions, and you can also skip questions you’re not sure of and do them at the end. i had missed six already, and the last question was one i had skipped in the beginning, and i wasn’t sure about it at all. so i clicked the one i thought was the best, knowing that if i missed it i would fail, and just prayed for the best, and thankfully i got it right and passed! that was my first try for that section, but i definitely failed my first actual driving test, so you’re not alone, don’t worry!

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    1. Well in Germany questions are worth 3-5 points. It depends on how important the question is. If you get a question wrong you get those points. You can have up to 9points to pass. That means you can fail if you get two out of thirty questions wrong.

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