My Journaling Goals

Recently I noticed that I already filled in half of my journal pages and I also went through my two already completed ones as I was looking for some “art work” to send in with my application for this thing at an Art School. The best thing about looking through all of my journals is that you can see how they are changing. On the one hand I am getting better in the things I do in it and on the other hand the content changes along with my personality.

My first journal was supposed to be a bullet journal but it didn’t last one page because I started to get into hand lettering and did all my practice in there. I also wrote A LOT of poems in this book. Recently I got more into illustrations and cartoon drawing and I decided to practice those in my journal too.

I do want my journal to change a little because it is becoming more of a sketch book I guess. So here is a list of what I do want to change.

I want to…

  • …write down how I feel more often
  • …start writing poems and song lyrics again
  • …go back to making a lot of lists of things I like, dislike…
  • …do more hand lettering again
  • …combine hand lettering with my illustrations
  • …get better in terms of drawing and lettering
  • …keep documenting my life
  • …write more about fun events and things I did with my friends

Do you guys have a journal of any kind? What do you use it for?

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Find out more about My finished journal and take a look at some pictures


3 thoughts on “My Journaling Goals

  1. I’ve gotten very good about writing daily what has happened (plus what I’ve accomplished, learned, and am thankful for). But, man, do I stink at writing what I think about things. I think I need to set a goal for myself to actually write what I feel about something, rather than rambling at my husband about my feelings towards something that happened to me. (He’ll listen but he shouldn’t always have to do so.)

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  2. *sigh…life happens and my journal cries for me. If there were ways to “beam up” my thoughts directly into my journal!

    I do keep a journal and transfer there the most important conversations I have, either on mail or instant messaging…

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