Just Keep Swimming

When I was about six months old my mom took me to a baby swimming class. I can’t remember it but it was probably the best day of my life because on this day I started swimming.

I think I was a little bit older than two years when it was time for my brother to go to that class and when I had to go to a different swimming class, where I was supposed to learn swimming on my own. Lets say I didn’t like that. I was jealous because my brother got to swim with my mom and I had to go on my own. My mom always says for a whole year I would refuse to got in the water and would stand there screaming until she got out of the water. My swim teacher once said it was a miracle that I ever learned how to swim.

2004 I joined my swimming club.I was five and it didn’t took long until I got to swim at competitions. I never was good. I never won but the only thing that ever mattered to was that I did what I loved. I probably spend half of my life at the pool.

There were many times where I did want to stop swimming but my mom always told me to keep going for at least a year and by then I would always love it again.

I am still swimming. I am probably slower that ever but I still love it. I love the feeling of being weightless and swimming with the stream. I love the feeling of flowing through the water like I am flying.

Two years ago I started as a swim coach and I have so much fun working with my kids. If there is one better thing than doing what you love it is to pass your love over to others.

The best thing my mom ever did for me was to never let me stop swimming.

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4 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming

  1. This is such a lovely little piece! I despised water as a baby, and absolutely love it now. I’m not part of groups or anything, I just do it for fun, but like you said it’s more important to do what you love rather than win everything 🙂

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