I’d rather live a real life 

Sometimes I dream of living in a movie but I am far away from doing that. No secret admires, no random dancing or singing and no unexpected happy ends. But the thing is I am totaly fine with that. What about you?

There is nothing wrong with dreaming but sometimes you need to open your eyes and remember all the things that are real. Movies are great but they aren’t real and that’s  good, because as perfect movies might seem they  all have their bad side. Intrigues, mean girls and so much more. I wouldn’t want those things in my life and to be honest living the life of a movie character must be exhausting. So many different things happen to them. They never get time off to breath. 

But if you do look closely you will find moments in which you feel like you are living a movie life and for me those few moments are far enough. 

Lots of Love 

Just A Blank Space 


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