Fake Success On Social Media

Social Media is a big part of our life’s. How many hours do we spent on different platforms each day scrolling through pictures, opinions, stories… Because Social Media has such a big impact on us it is often used to grow an audience or for advertising. I do have different accounts for my blog such as Instagram and twitter too.

There is nothing wrong with trying to grow your audience over different Social Media platforms but what price do you want to pay? With that I don’t mean actual money but what you are willing to give up or sacrifice.

Especially over on my Instagram I noticed that a lot of people only follow me because they want me to follow them back. If you then click on those accounts you can see that they have thousands of followers. At first it seems impressive but if you then look at the count of people they follow that impression fades fast. I have seen accounts that followed more than four thousand people and then celebrate that they have a follower count of a thousand accounts, but really they don’t have any success to celebrate because all they have done was click the follow button four thousand times.

I have found myself having to make this choice a couple of times. Do I really want to follow a ton of accounts that I don’t really like and hope for them to follow me back? For me the answer is pretty clear now. I don’t, because for me it feels like I am selling myself to someone else or to something that seems completely wrong to me.

Here is what I do and why. I do follow a blog or account if I like it and I don’t expect them to follow me back. I do delete comments like “follow for follow” or just “fff”. Why? Because for me a hundred followers who actually like what I do are worth a lot more than thousands of followers who don’t care and only follow me because I follow them.

It might take me way longer grow my audience or to be “succesful” but in the end I can be proud of all my work and know that I reached it in a way I feel good about it. I will never sell myself out for money, or more followers because doing that for me is completely wrong and has nothing to do with being passionated about the things I do.

Even if I will never be able to reach out to a lot of people I am okay with that because every single “real follower” makes me prouder that thousand of fake ones.

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10 thoughts on “Fake Success On Social Media

  1. Fantastic post! Really keen observations & analysis.

    The social media game is mostly pay for follows.
    Approximately 15% (if not higher) of Twitters activity is
    bots. People pay for follows & usually get a batch of 500,
    1,000 followers etc. When Twitter did a recent “cleaning
    of house” People like Justin Bieber & Katy Perry lost about
    1 million followers overnight. So these numbers are totally
    inaccurate, & are actually causing a lot of distress for people
    who don’t understand how it all works, & understand it is a pay
    for subs situation. We have been using Twitter since 2011 &
    now have around 55 followers, but they have followed loyally,
    we do not really get unsubs. Another site we know started
    less than 14 months ago & already has about 5,000 + subs,
    but when we looked closer they were mostly bot account &
    not real people. Keep doing what you are doing, we find that
    Wordpress is the best in terms of quality bloggers, quality
    readers, & the most supportive community.

    We stay away from Facebook, & Instagram all together.

    Enjoying the blog, hope you have a great day & summer.
    Sending good vibes & sunshine from Miami.

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  2. I totally agree with this. I’m glad that WordPress is different- even if you were (I haven’t with my minimal amount of followers) looking for random people to follow to maybe check out your blog, when you actually go on their blog it usually turns out to be really good.

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  3. I can relate to this soo much! Before in Instagram, I’d be excited to see someone with lots of followers follow me and I’d follow them back, then a couple days later I see they’ve already unfollowed me. People like those treat other people as if they’re just numbers, part of the stats. And it infuriates me so much.
    I’ve long decided I’ll only follow people who I know and/or whose feed continues to inspire me. 😊
    Sorry about that long babble 😅

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