Craft Fair

Last friday two of my friends and I went to a Craft Fair. I was really excited to go and asked them to come with me.

It took us over an hour to get there because we took public transport and there was a lot of troubles with our trains. When we finally arrived there were A LOT of people but that didn’t change how excited I was.


Sadly the fair didn’t meet up my expectations. I was hoping to find inspiration for my lettering and my sketchbook but most of the booths there were the same. They were selling bracelets and necklaces or stamps and most of the booths that didn’t, didn’t sell anything I liked accept two.

There was one booth that sold really pretty card. I actually get one of their cards from my family two years ago.


The other booth that I loved sold Washitape and I freaking LOVE Washitape. It was by a store called  Table Turns. Of course I couldn’t resist buying new one but it was really hard to decide wich ones to get. The best about it was, that the tape wasn’t that expensive. In the end I bought four different ones. What do you think?


After the fair we went to eat in an American Diner, which was great. I do miss the US a lot sometimes and it kind of felt like being back. Also the food was amazing. I definiatly have to go there again.


Lots of Love

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