Make A Wish

20161226_211436000_iosThere are quite many situations in which you are supposed to make a wish like when you blow out the candles on your birthday cake or when you see a shooting star.

For quite some time, I think about three years, I have always made the same wish. I figured that it has to become true eventually but it hasn’t yet. Of course, I can’t tell you what I wish for because that would ruin the chance for it to come true completely and let me tell you that would be bad. I was smart enough to choose a wish which will for sure come true (or I will have a sad and lonely life).

Is there anything you used to wish for that came true?

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8 thoughts on “Make A Wish

  1. I love the thought of attaching a wish to something like that. It makes it kind of magical. Wish upon a star, and when it’s 11:11, and even if all of that is insignificant it makes your wish mean something to you.

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  2. This year and last year also, I wished for my birthday that my teacher crush would be my teacher the next year, it came true both times! I don’t really believe in wishes, but I don’t know know if it was that, or just luck! XD Now I don’t think it’s gonna come true if I wish it again next year, cause he doesn’t teach 10th graders anyway. Next time I’ll wish something useful, LOL XD
    Great post! XD

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  3. When we are young we always made wishes on shooting stars or when we blew out birthday candles but the older I grew I realized that most of my wishes never came true ,sometimes these things come when they are ready and when you quit thinking about them.

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  4. When I was little I would always wish for a kitten when I blew out birthday candles or saw a shooting star. Fast word to when I was about thirteen, I finally got one! The more complicated things I wish for now have yet to come true, but we shall see. I hope you get/ accomplish what you’ve been wishing for!

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