Who I Would Love To Meet


Tyler Joseph

I am a huge fan of twenty one pilots. I have been listening to them for over two years now and I can sing along to all of their songs. I just love everything about them. The name, the songs and the lyrics. Everything they do seems to have a deeper meaning which I absolutely love. All of their songs are written by the lead singer Tyler Joseph and I would love to meet him. He is a great writer and I wish I could write as good as him. He gives his words such deep meanings and they are a huge inspiration to me. I wish I could talk about this with him one day and I wish I could be a little bit like him.


My Grandpa

When I was about a year old my grandpa from my dad’s side died. I have no memory of him but I still look up to him. After Word War II he was one of the first exchange students to go to the USA and although his parents told him that they wouldn’t accept him as their son anymore if he goes, he still left. He documented his experiences in a giant book filled with pictures, cards and documents. In this book, there is an article from a newspaper about him, in which he talks about his dreams and what he wants to do after school and he made every single one come true. I wish he would still be alive and could tell me about all his adventures himself.


Other bloggers

There are a lot of blogs I have fallen in love with and great bloggers I talked to in the last year. I wish I could meet them all and talk about blogging with them. I have no one to talk about my blog with because I don’t any of my friends to know about it. Also, the thought of meeting my internet friends is amazing.

Who would you like to meet one day?

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space


10 thoughts on “Who I Would Love To Meet

  1. I have met some of my blogger friends and they have been more amazing than they have been in their posts.

    This might sound a bit weird, but I would love to meet the creator, i.e. before I die, mostly because there is so much disparity in my views, the things I am supposed to do which I am not doing and just life in general. So many questions, I tell you!

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  2. I’d love to meet a lot of musicians, talk to them about their works, their inspiration etc. and some historical figures to ask them what really happened in their times. That’d be cool 🙂 Oh, and if you feel like talking about your blog or blogging in general just send me an e-mail 😉

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