Never Good Enough

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Every night before I fall asleep I make up stories in my mind. It helps me to calm down and stop thinking about the things that keep me awake. Usually, the stories consist of things that could have happened to me in the past or that could happen in the future but since August I have been thinking about a story that has nothing to do with me and I fell in love with it. This is why I decided to write it down. I really believed I could turn it into a book and I really wanted to but since I started to write it down it doesn’t seem good enough anymore.

I have been struggling with the feeling of not being good enough for a while now. Most of my friends are graduating this year and they all know what they will do next while I have no Idea what I want to do after school. I am now at a point where I have to start thinking about that and I would love to turn any of my hobbies into my job. For years I have been thinking about becoming a journalist and I have always been dreaming of becoming an author but I figured I am not good enough at writing to do so. I thought about doing something creative but I feel like my lettering and my doodles are not good enough to do that either.

This school year I have been working my butt off to get good grades and my grades are better than ever. I am doing really good but I still feel like it is not good enough. Nothing I do seems good enough. Not even blogging. The only thing I can really picture myself doing after school is blogging but I don’t think I am actually good enough to ever turn my passion into my job.

My parents and a lot of my friends always tell me how good I am at what I do but I just can’t believe them. Whenever anyone comments on a post telling me that what I do is really good I can’t believe it because for me it feels like nothing I do is good enough.

I tried to open up about this to my parents and they always tell me how proud they are but that still doesn’t change how I feel. Will I ever feel good enough?

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

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11 thoughts on “Never Good Enough

  1. I relate to this so, so much. I know it’s hard, but seriously, you don’t need to have your future planned out right now — or ever! You are a fantastic blogger; I know you could blog as a profession, if you chose to do so. You’re good enough XXX

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  2. I don’t know what to tell you, because if your parents can’t say anything, then surely the words of a stranger won’t mean anything. But let me tell you, you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of young people feel the way you do – it’s part of the confusing age of growing up. I don’t feel like I’m good enough either, so I understand you. But think seriously – what does it MATTER if you’re good enough or not? Good enough for who? For life? If we live our lives trying to be GOOD ENOUGH for other people, then soon you’ll wish you could just do things the way you wanted to. I think you’re amazing, I think your writing is wonderful and I think you could do whatever you want in life if you set your mind to it. Keep striving, keep living and keep enjoying what you do❤xx

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  3. In our society you shouldn’t degrade yourself. If you think your not good enough how do you think that person working full time in a shop feels? Or that person who has bad attainment ? If your writing posts like that your intelligent. Acknowledge that. We always think running ourselves down is good but sometimes it can even make you seem a bit arrogant when you know deep down it’s not the truth and your probably one of the better off ones.


  4. Hey Just a Blank Space!
    I have only just stumbled upon your blog and read this post but I already believe you are so much more than ‘just a blank space’ if you don’t mind me saying. You are creative, you are worth more than the world and you can do whatever put your mind to. The very fact that you exist and breathe is more than just good enough! I know it can be hard to believe in a world of comparison but what if instead of being good enough because of what you do, what if instead you were good enough for who you are? What if you were good enough because you are kind, caring, compassionate? These aren’t things you do but things you can be. I believe that being a person of good character is worth far more than the things we can do. You are good enough because of who you are not what you do.
    If you ever wanna chat feel free to email me.

    xx Brittany

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  5. I personally think you are one of most amazing person/writer I’ve ever seen. But to you this m8ght just sound like another one of those compliments you get. To be honest, I think I would LOVE to read your book (author). Maybe these questions might help to choose a specific area/subject;
    What do you enjoy?
    What do you think you can be doing for quote a long time?
    What are you actually good at? (I know this one might take you a long time to figure out as this is the problem you want to solve)?
    If you still don’t know, then I would ask myself?
    Do I want a degree?
    Go to university?
    Now I bet this won’t help but it’s a try. Tell me if it works or not. I’ll be always around here somewhere! Hope you get an answer/solution! 😀

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  6. I wish my comments could make a difference, but, sadly it can’t. I kind of get why when someone tells you, that you ARE amazing and they ARE proud of you, you still feel like you’re not good enough. I think it’s not about what other people think. Personally, I think that you are an awesome person, who has an incredible and captivating writing, and is so honest!But that doesn’t make it any better. It’s about yourself. You’ve got start thinking and realising you ARE good enough! I don’t know how that will happen, but I hope you open your eyes are then see all the amazing things you are and can be.

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