Fallen In Love With A Bookstore


I think I have fallen in love and this time I have not fallen in love with words. This time I have fallen in love with a bookstore.

I haven’t just found out about it. It was always there. I’ve passed it for years but I never went inside. I even have been on its roof a lot. I climbed it and yet I never really noticed it’s greatness.

The magical thing about this bookstore is its location. It is inside of a big staircase. Now who doesn’t love that?


A couple days ago my friend and I were sitting at Starbucks across the street and my friend asked me if I knew what kind of store it was and I said I thought it would be a bookstore. We then decided to go inside and that was when it hit me.

All the books this store sells are about architecture, art, calligraphy, typography… I immediately found a couple of books I really want to buy but they all were a little expensive. I could spend hours in that store reading about watercolour, hand lettering and drawing.

Yesterday I woke up ad wanted to do something so I got up and caught the next bus to the train station. I then took a 30-minute train ride and spend over an hour at Starbucks drawing the bookstore I have fallen in love with. Then I went inside, read a little and found even more great books. I ended up buying a small book about drawing and some really cute dog paperclips, which were expensive but I wanted them.


Are there any stores you have fallen in love with?

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13 thoughts on “Fallen In Love With A Bookstore

  1. I love finding fun, new places, to fall in love with. Unfortunately all the book stores in my town have shut down over the past few years, and now we have none. I have to drive at least 20 minutes to find a half-priced books or barnes and noble and it makes me sad! Your drawing is really good, and the book store looks fun!

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  2. I love your drawing of the store! And it definitely sounds like a magical location! I too fell in love with a bookstore once upon a time. The name is Books On The Loose. It doesn’t have a fancy location like under a staircase or anything but it has a really nice interior. There’s a cafe section at one end where they serve really nice drinks and biscuits then there’s a secluded corner with a couch and those soft round lounge pillows that aren’t pillows because you can sit on them (I’ve forgotten what they’re called) and it has amazing artwork and writings on the wall and I discovered a copy of the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter there once so it’s pretty amazing.

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  3. Sounds like a lovely place. I love it when you discover little places like this in the world, which speak out to you and you immediately fall in love with. Hope you had a good time at Starbucks drawing it (which is AMAZING by the way!) and then looking round the bookstore!

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