My Favourite Posts Of 2016

Have a merry one!.jpg

2016 has been a creative and productive year for me. I wrote over 200 blog post and filled two journals with my writing, lettering and other stuff. 200 posts are a lot and it was really hard to choose but I narrowed it down to 11 posts that I wrote and want to share with you again.

I really can’t decide which one of those eleven I like the most but I think it would be either “A Letter To The Kids Who Bullied Me”, “The Moment I Found The True Me” or “When I Was A Little Girl”

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin’

Every single one of my memories is a little person that lives in a city called my brain. They grow


11 thoughts on “My Favourite Posts Of 2016

  1. That’s amazing to have written 200 posts! What an achievement! I’ve just been having a look through some of these posts and they are so lovely to read. The when I was a little girl one is so touching and heart-felt!❤

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