I Am Starting To See Clear

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If you have been following my blog for a while you probably know that I have no idea what I want to do after I graduate in 2018. Just the thought of being done with school scares me but I have to think about it since I probably have to apply for whatever I want to do this summer.

For a couple of years, I had this idea in the back of my mind. I want to go to Africa and do voluntary work there. I want to learn end experience new cultures and want to give something back to people who need help.

Today my parents and I talked about the future and that I will have to start thinking about it. I told them about my idea of going to Africa and that I still would like to do it. My dad wasn’t happy about it because he doesn’t want me to leave again. I think I am not the only one who is afraid what will happen after I am done with school.

Because of my conversation with my parents, I started to research about doing a voluntary year in a developing country. I found a way I would probably be able to do it and I really want to apply for it. While I was researching it just felt right. I could already see myself doing it and of course also blogging about it.

I think I finally found something I want to do next. I had this idea for so long and I think making it real is the right thing for me to do.I will definitely apply for it this summer. I still don’t have any clue about going to university but I think I am on the right path of finding it out.

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18 thoughts on “I Am Starting To See Clear

  1. My parents are from Nigeria so it really touched me when you said you want to do work in Africa! I haven’t visited yet, but I would love to at some point. That is an amazing/ bold plan. Definitely go for it!

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  2. I was looking at voluntary work in Africa recently, I told my mum and she wasn’t happy either and think uni should be my priority. I’ll probably do it after uni or when I have enough money to go because you need quite a lot of money, some of the projects I was looking at are £1900+

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  3. This is such a wonderful idea for you to do when you graduate! It’s so lovely to help out others in countries not as well developed as our own, and also super beneficial to you too to learn about the world, and discover yourself on the way. I’m sure we’d all love to read your blogs about it. Good luck for the next year and working your way towards this. We’re all rooting for you!x

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