The City Is Where I Go

the city is where I go. It is pulling me its wayThe city is where I go. It keeps pulling me its way. Although I like our little town and I hate being around a lot of people I find myself taking the train at least once a week now.

The people, the lights, the shops, they are my inspiration. I can’t even count the days I sit at home begging for ideas to pop up in my mind while when I go to the city I suddenly get so many ideas I can’t write all of them down.

For some reason, I suddenly love walking through the crowded streets. I love sitting in a coffee shop full of people.

While at home I have to force myself to write and not get distracted, I can’t stop writing when I am at Starbucks. I sat there writing for about three hours straight today while I can’t even focus for an hour when I am at home.

I really wish it wouldn’t take that long to get to the city because once exams start again I won’t have the time to go anymore.

Lots of Love

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13 thoughts on “The City Is Where I Go

  1. I can relate! My town is fairly small and there’s not much there to inspire me, although I do go to the beach if I need inspiration but it doesn’t always work. If I take the bus to the city however, it’s full of inspiration and I love walking round admiring shops and buildings and watching all the people milling about in the streets. There’s something exiting about being caught up in the business if cities that I love! Nice artwork by the way! πŸ™‚

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      1. Wow that’s a long way – I can’t imagine living somewhere that far inland, but I guess there are other things like the countryside and sunsets – I find sunsets quite inspiring too! Ahh that must have been so nice!

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        1. I love sunsets too. Our sunsets here are usually pretty broing but again in the US we had the prettiest sunsets almost every day and sometimes the reflection on the water made the lake look like it was burning. I really miss living there

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          1. Yeah I know what you mean! We either get really nice sunsets every once in a while, or no sunsets at all. But I think that makes the pretty sunsets more special as they don’t happen often. That sounds amazing! Are you hoping to go back and visit in the future?

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              1. Ahh I hope you get to go back someday, doing an exchange sounds like a really amazing experience. It’s surprising how well you can get to know people in 10 months! It’s nice that you got on well with your host family though and hopefully you’ll be able to see them again. πŸ™‚

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