Marker Review

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As you might know, I am obsessed with markers. I love to use them in all my different journals and have quite a collection already.Some of them are great and some of them are a little disappointing. That is why I want to share my experience with two different markers  with you today

1. Stabilo Boss Original




I have been using the Stabilo Boss Original Neon markes since first grade. They are the common markers in Germany. Everyone has them but I never really liked the bright colors and never used them in my journals. That is why I got really excited when I found out about the new Stabilo Boss Origina Pastel markers. I have been looking for them for months until I recently found a set. I love the colors. They are perfect for my bullet journa but there is a big problem. They bleed through pretty bad. More than the neon colors. That is a little dissapointing because now all I can use them for is my school work.

2. Iconic markers


I found these in my favorite bookstore  and absolutely love them. I went back immediately to buy some more after I tried them. I love the colors, espesially the pastel ones and they don’t blled through at all. They have a fine and thick tip which makes them perfect to use for almost everything you do. I take them to school and all of my friends want to use them too.

What are your favorite markers? Do you recommend any good ones?

Lots of Love

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